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What's The Deal With The Arrows?
Why Scam-Check?

There are a lot of reasons why you should not buy stuff on the darknet. But if you do, you would not want to be disappointed, would you? Many Vendors on the darknet know you cannot report fraud on here.

What would you tell the cops? “Hello. I bought Drugs on the Darknet and never received them.”

You get me?

The only help you have here is your own eyes, intelligence and people like me, who try to give you hints about where not to buy – if you actually consider it.

There are people on here who have been scamming ever since it has been possible. They own multiple shops and onion-directories. These are some of the most well-known onion-directories of the darknet and the top onions they recommend are their own shops. You are being manipulated everywhere you look, so it is better to really just look than buy. If you are in financial trouble DO NOT TRUST THE DARKNET to help you in any way.

You can recognize these onion-directories easily – they all have the same website except for different colors and similar names.

How Do I Tor?

You have links now. Here’s how to access the content:

  1. Download the official TOR-Browser for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS or Linux
  2. Open the browser, alter the configuration if necessary (e.g. language, security)
  3. Go to onion-links.com
  4. Click on any kind of Website that catches your eye and visit it.
How To Onion?

Onion-Links is great – I know, thanks. Here’s how to create your own content.

You have two Options:

  1. Choose a hosting provider and pay monthly
  2. Setup your own server and do so.


As for Option One:

I recommend OneHostCloud for several reasons. If you want a promo-code for discount, let me know.

As for Option Two:

Your new best friends will be nginx or apache, probably a unix-distribution of choice (for beginners, I recommend Ubuntu), Stackoverflow and Github.

Here are some helpful links: TorProject, KaliLinux

*Please do not feel like you cannot do it. I have seen people too stupid to open a bottle of water rocking this. You can do it.*

Keep in Mind:

  1. According to most countries, it is not illegal to host a website on the darknet.
  2. You can be held responsible for your content – no matter your intention….
  3. You can be a potential target for hackers who use your website especially for open-redirect vulnerablitlies.
  4. The Darknet is NOT ANONYMOUS. Anyone who wants to know who tf you are will find out in time.
Any Advice?

The Darknet can be awesome. Time flies by when you find something interesting. But, please, keep in mind:

  1. Don’t believe anything you hear, see or read on the darknet. Be a skeptic and question everything. *Including Me*
  2. CP (short for underage disgusting sh*t) IS PRESENT and it IS A PROBLEM. You WILL encounter it – no matter how hard you try to avoid it. If you found the content through a search engine, please, report it to the engine’s moderator. Sadly, there is nothing more you can do here.
  3. You can buy drugs, weapons, counterfeit etc. do not let the media blind you. But let me be your reminder – again – selling as well as purchasing is highly illegal. No matter your country.
  5.  Scammers and Fraudsters play with your mind by making you believe all the myths are true. If something feels off, it is probably too good to be true.
  6. Red Rooms do not exist on the Darknet – entry tickets CAN be purchased there – but they exist somewhere else. Anything besides that is real and present: the hitmen, drugs, etc.
  7. Gore, R*pe, and brutal content EXIST. They just don’t hit you right in the face.
  8. Almost anything on the Darknet is also present on the Clearnet.
Who Are You? Why Are You Doing This?

For several reasons, I cannot tell you in detail. But here is what you may know:

  1. Majoring in Cyberforensics
  2. Python Programmer


I want people to understand that the Darknet is underestimated. A lot of stuff happens there. Almost anything that you associate with it is real. And it disgusts me that “reporters/journalists” these days give up so quickly trying to find the core of the net, it feels like they refuse to try at all and never actually admit it. But there’s one thing I have mentioned earlier, which I admit, freaks me out a little.

A lot of Darknet content is moving to the Clearnet, the surface of the internet. CP, Fraudsters and Marketplaces already exist on here and can be googled. Open-Redirects have become an invitation for child m0l35t3r5 and their content. I spend some of my free-time chasing these piece of shits and report them to authorities with solid evidence. Covid has changed a lot and activity got a little darker and more aggressive. I wanted my own collection of links that I could manage from time to time and rely on whenever my research requires visiting the darknet.

Also, I was in a bad place once. I was scammed by vendors on the DW several times. They also revealed a part of me that would have never been revealed otherwise. This is why my scam-check directory is so big and still expanding.

Any Final Words?


I do not want to encourage you to do anything on the darknet other than visiting for educational or further harmless purposes. If your curiousity drove you to this question: but how do I know how and where to actually buy … how do people do it?
This is your answer: The Bible

This is not the holy bible, dude. This is the DW Bible answering all your questions and give you hints and ideas to develop the right mindset of people who actually buy.

If you are still not satisfied with what you just learned, here’s something else to try:

  • Find Information about the Markets
  • Understand the concept of encryption, mirrors and private keys (With the help of the Bible)
    > Use Recon
  • Register to a market of choice.
  • Look around.

That is basically what people do. Except for taking it a step further and actually buying there. I do not recommend that. It is not legal.

Looking around taming your curiousity is legal. But any step further is not. Watch out for yourselves because no one else is going to do so.

Update: The Darknet’s Reddit called “Dread” seems to be dead. This was a place to find everything about Markets in one place + direct contact to Admins. I have linked a service where you can find Marketplaces on my Home Page for you.